Veterinary nurse woman with cat on shoulder

Veterinary Nurses Day 2023

It’s Vet Nurses Day! Veterinary nurses are integral members of any veterinary team. They care for your pets when they’re away from home. They ensure

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Animal Health Technician South Africa

Meet Our AHT

Meet our AHT! Xanri joined our eccentric team while studying to become an Animal Health Technician (AHT). Originally from a farm in Kathu, she graduated

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pangolins in South Africa Pangolins of South Africa

Holy Ground

“There’s something special about it. I can’t explain it. But once you see this magical creature, you’ll know. To be able to follow her, to

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martial eagle

The Miracle Martial Eagle

Our Patient of the Week – a stunning Martial Eagle! The largest African eagle, capable of knocking a full-grown off of his feet! This brave

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dental disease

Dental Disease in Pets

Dental disease is a reality. Keeping your pet’s teeth clean is important to their overall health. Imagine how your teeth would look and feel if

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babesia in cats babesiosis

Babesiosis in Cats

Did you know that cats need monthly internal and external parasite control, just like dogs? This is Peggy, she was recently diagnosed with Babesia felis.

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pet loss dealing with the loss of your pet grieving your pet's death grieving the loss of your pet

Grieving Pet Loss

Dealing with the loss of a pet can be very difficult. Experiencing the death of a pet can come without notice. Things happen that are

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flamingo flamingo release

Flamingo Release

The day we have all been waiting for and long worked towards has finally arrived. Our 4 beautiful flamingo children have finally been released! After

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animotion foot brace


Kendi and her Animotion Foot Brace Kendi’s story is a very unique one. When she was still a puppy, probably about 4 weeks old, she

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ivdd in dogs

Luna – Our Miracle Pup

IVDD in Dogs – Luna’s Story Luna is another one of our incredible success stories. She had been diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) quite

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BeetleJuice the Aardwolf

At Kimberley Veterinary Clinic, we have been fortunate enough to help some pretty special patients. This month’s special creature is BeetleJuice. Mr BeetleJuice is an

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Injured baby tortoise gets and adorable Bandage

Tank the Tortoise

Our patient of the week, Tank the Tortoise. This little guy is an absolute fighter, even though he’s smaller than a 2ml syringe! Tank is

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Litter box hygiene

Litter Box Hygiene

Almost all cat owners consider litter boxes to be essential. Very few of us, these days, think it’s safe for our cats to go outdoors

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dental disease in pets

Dental Diseases in pets

Dental Disease In Pets Stomatitis Stomatitis is a severe, painful inflammation of a pet’s mouth and gums. In most cases, the condition causes ulcers to

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pets and ageing

Pets and Ageing

Pets and ageing. A sensitive topic for most of us. We as pet owners like to think that our pets will live forever. The thing

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kitten vaccinations

Feline Vaccinations

It is very important to realise that by simply vaccinating your dog or your cat, you can lessen and, more importantly, to a great extent

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puppy vaccinations

Puppy Vaccinations

It is very important to realise that by simply vaccinating your dog or your cat, you can lessen and, more importantly, to a great extent

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poison pet poisonings

Pet Poisonings

Accidental pet poisonings are more common than you may think. They usually involve items you may not be aware of such as common kitchen foods,

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snake bites dogs dog bitten by snake

Snake Bites

Snake Bites in Dogs and Cats Armed with curiosity and natural hunting instincts, it is not uncommon for our favourite four legged friends to cross

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Spirocerca Lupi – Spirocercosis The silent killer not everyone is aware of. Spirocerca Lupi is a red worm that normally goes and sits and grows

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diabetes in pets

Diabetes Mellitus

As in humans, diabetes mellitus in dogs and cats is a chronic disease that occurs when the levels of glucose in the blood becomes elevated

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