martial eagle

The Miracle Martial Eagle

Our Patient of the Week – a stunning Martial Eagle!
The largest African eagle, capable of knocking a full-grown off of his feet!
This brave bird was rushed to our clinic a few weeks ago for gunshot wounds resulting in a badly fractured right wing.
After intense supportive care, we managed to repair the broken wing with an external fixator.
This week he was finally sent to a rehabilitation facility where he will be monitored and slowly but surely be prepared for release.
We are positive that this big boy will make a full recovery. We’re excited to see the follow-up radiographs in a few weeks time!
Martial Eagles are the largest of the African eagles. Martial eagles are found in most of sub-Saharan Africa. They prefer to live in open wooded areas and woodland edges, wooded savannah, and thornbush areas.
They have enough power in one foot to break a man’s arm. The Martial eagle weighs in at almost 6.5kg, and has a wingspan of about 193cm. It is one of few eagle species known to hunt primarily from a high soar.
Martial eagles are carnivorous and opportunistic predators. They prey on mammals, birds, and reptiles. They even hunt small antelopes, some monkeys, young domestic goats and lambs and water birds! When they want a challenge, these eagles may prey upon even potentially dangerous prey, such as monitor lizards, venomous snakes, jackals, and some wild cats. The main threats to Martial eagles is hunting and habitat loss. Farmers tend kill the birds because they hunt domestic animals.
For more about the amazing creature, please check out the Kruger National Park’s website:

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