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At Kimberley Veterinary Clinic, we understand that being a pet owner is more than just opening up your home to an animal. It’s about boisterous greetings and snuggles on the couch after a long day, about belly rubs, treats and toys. Most of all, it is about sharing your heart and learning what unconditional love and unwavering loyalty truly feels like.

We understand the deep connection you share with your companion, because beyond who we are as veterinary professionals, we are pet parents just like you. We have experienced first-hand this amazing journey, the ups and downs, the joys and challenges. This deeply personal experience is what makes our care so unique.

When you entrust us with the well-being of your pet, you’ll get more than just a doctor. You’ll get honest, open communication and a true partnership. We take this responsibility placed upon us very seriously.

Our standards are high because we understand how important your animal friend is to you. We know that the key to optimal health is preventative care, that is why we are so passionate about client education. We would like to empower all pet owners with the knowledge they need so that they are able to care for their companion as best they can.

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