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Kendi and her Animotion Foot Brace

Kendi’s story is a very unique one. When she was still a puppy, probably about 4 weeks old, she broke two of her front toes. They were completely shattered! Subsequently, the growth plates of those toes closed. After the toes had healed, they completely stopped growing.

Her third toe was burdened with carrying all of her weight and eventually had to be partially amputated to help even out the weight-bearing responsibilities.
Kendi has been struggling with pain in her foot and front leg for a while now. But thanks to Animotion, she will finally be able to live practically unhindered.

Who Is Animotion

Animotion is an incredible company full of people who have dedicated themselves to creating stunning orthopaedic braces and prosthetic limbs for ALL kinds of animals. Even rhinos and vultures!
Their Mission – “To improve mobility for animals through innovative, customised veterinary orthotic and prosthetic solutions. By providing biomechanically active prescription devices and utilising state-of-the-art technology, we can offer enhanced quality of life for animals.”
These braces are individually crafted for each patient they consult.
After a thorough, guided step-by-step casting process, Werner Smit and the rest of the Animotionteam crafted Kendi’s and this week she got to try it out for the first time!
It will take some getting used to, but, with her – and a few slight alterations, she will be able to move happily ever after.
Take a moment to learn more about these amazing people and check out the awesome work that they do –

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