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Nutrition For Your Senior Pet

Nutrition for your senior pet is something that should not be overlooked. The right diet plays an extremely important role when addressing some of the problems related to ageing.

A wide variety of illnesses related to old age can be addressed and significantly improved simply by adding the right nutrition to the mix. Yes, medicine is great, but to a great extent, a more holistic approach can be of greater benefit, combining both medicine and diet.

We offer a wide range of products that could be beneficial to the ageing process that will help manage certain signs of ageing and slow it down to a certain extent.

Weight control is of utmost importance. An overweight pet of ANY age is unacceptable. Obese pets age faster and a lot less gracefully. These animals are the first to suffer from joint ailments and organ problems.

Joint care is crucial for those pets suffering from any arthritic changes in the joint. In actual fact, most dogs in general will benefit from a little joint support, especially large breeds, whether joint supplements or nutrition.

Kidney specific diets are also great for senior dogs and cats. These critters will follow the natural path of degeneration that comes with old age, which most certainly includes internal organs.

Some great foods that will be of great benefit include:


  • Ultra Dog – Joint Health
  • Ultra Dog – Weight Control
  • Eukanuba – 7+ Years Senior
  • Eukanuba – Weight Control
  • Eukanuba – Sensitive Joints
  • Hill’s – Youthful Vitality
  • Hill’s – Metabolic
  • Hill’s – Metabolic + Mobility
  • Hill’s – j/d
  • Hill’s – k/d + Mobility
  • Hills – Perfect Weight


  • Royal Canin – Senior Ageing
  • Royal Canin – Light Weight
  • Iams – Healthy Senior
  • Hill’s – Youthful Vitality
  • Hill’s – Mature Adult
  • Hill’s – k/d
  • Hill’s – k/d + Mobility
  • Hill’s – Metabolic

Our staff is extremely clued up when it comes to the perfect nutrition for your pet. We will walk with you every step of the way.

An alternative to these premium diets, if they prove to be too expensive, a balanced senior diet accompanied by a joint supplement.

Some good supplements include:

  • GCS Joint Care
  • Mobi-Flex
  • Nutradyl

Of course, keep in mind that a premium balanced diet is still the best option for your senior pet!

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