Our Team

Our Team

Medical Team

Meet the wonderful people who ensure that your pets are happy and cared for with every visit.

vet near me

Dr Donovan Smith

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Dr Odette Burger

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Veterinary nurse woman with cat on shoulder

Sr Anmari Coetzee

Veterinary Nurse
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Front of House

All these friendly faces are the first thing you see as you walk into the practice!
All of them play capital roles in this well-oiled machine. They are tight-knit cogs who toil relentlessly and are all lovely people who are indispensable to our success.

Anne Mahayni

Rina van Eeden

Toy Smith

Chantel Viljoen Veterinary Receptionist Veterinary Clinic

Chantel Viljoen

Leana Kriel

Medical Assistants

You may not have much contact with these men and these ladies, but, make no mistake – they are a crucial part of our family. They are the ones who get down and dirty and who ensure that the doctors and nurse can safely treat your four-legged friend.
These men and women work incredibly hard and deserve endless praise for their steadfast commitment.

Albert Springbok

Dawid Abrams

Alfred Motsoalakgoro

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Michelle Horing

Minah Dikgetsi

Vet Shop

Our expert Vet Shop team consists of Liza-Mari Tredoux, Jeanne Mayo and Dylan Murray.
Come have a look at all we have to offer at the Monument Heights Shopping Centre!

Jeanne Mayo

Jeanmarie Ridgard​

Pet Essentials

Our expert Pet Essentials team consists of Palesa Mothudi and Kagisho Nyl.
Come have a look at all we have to offer at the New Park Shopping Centre!

Palesa Mothudi

Kagisho Nyl


Pet Products

Our expert Pet Products team consists of Nadine Basson and Jeanmarie Ridgard.
Come have a look at all we have to offer at the Rhodesdene Shopping Centre!

Nadine Basson

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