Canine lymphoma in dogs

Jessie’s Story – Surviving Canine Lymphoma

Jessie the Border collie is a scent detection dog working in the field of conservation research. Over the past 7 years, the role she played in the research of elusive and endangered species has been absolutely paramount.

Unfortunately, in August Jessie was diagnosed with Lymphoma, a rather serious cancer of the lymph nodes. About 6 months ago, Jessie started her journey to recovery and is undergoing chemotherapy at our clinic.
This was a very challenging endeavour, both for Jessie and ourselves, as this was our first real attempt at long-term chemotherapy.

What is Canine Lymphoma?

Malignant lymphoma is a common cancer in dogs. It is a deadly disease caused by the harmful growth of lymphocytes. Although lymphoma is common, the causes and origin of the disease aren’t fully understood.
Treatment of lymphoma with chemotherapy, using a combination of drugs is often successful. More than 90% of all dogs have been know to achieve complete remission.

We’re happy to say that Jessie is doing exceptionally well. Now, she will have some more time and energy to spare to continue her crucial research and conservation efforts. She’s also getting a new sister to train so that she can retire in a year or two.

What Has Jessie Accomplished?

Jessie started her career by sniffing out the scent of the Giant Bullfrog as part of a master’s degree study in Environmental Science at NWU. After this massive achievement, she started working with the Endangered Wildlife Trust in the field of conservation, focussing on the Critically Endangered Riverine Rabbit. (Including a project for the National Geographic Society, so be sure to check that out! @insidenatgeo)

In the last year, Jessie has also been involved in a study of Golden moles species on the West Coast of South Africa, funded by Re:Wild.

Unfortunately, after some time in remission, Jessie’s cancer returned and she has since passed. We miss her dearly and will never forget all the amazing things she has accomplished.

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