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Checking your pet's pain score

Monitoring your pet’s pain score is an extremely important part of being a responsible pet owner. Knowing whether your dog or cat is in pain can drastically change the way they live their daily lives for the better.

Pets are masters at hiding pain and illness, so being prepared and on top of their pain management is just one more thing you can do to keep them happy, healthy and comfortable.

Below are pain score sheets adapted from the Glasgow Pain Scale for Dogs and Cats. This is a handy way of keeping track of your pet’s comfort level at home and our vets may even ask you to complete this form from time to time for clinical purposes.

If you are worried that your dog or cat is in pain, feel free to download the right form below, complete it in your own time and email it back to one of the email addresses listed below, prior to your pet’s appointment with their doctor.

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