Snake bites in South Africa My pet was bitten by a snake

Snake Bites in South Africa

Your pet has been bitten by a snake… What now? We can attest that this is of every pet owner’s worst nightmare. One of them at least. Snakes become more active once the weather warms up. There is a steep increase in snake bites during warmer weather, and we have seen an enormous amount of […]

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dental disease

Dental Disease in Pets

Dental disease is a reality. Keeping your pet’s teeth clean is important to their overall health. Imagine how your teeth would look and feel if you didn’t brush them for years, or even just a few weeks! Ever since cats and dogs became domesticated, their natural source of “dental floss” and teeth cleaning has been

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babesia in cats babesiosis

Babesiosis in Cats

Did you know that cats need monthly internal and external parasite control, just like dogs? This is Peggy, she was recently diagnosed with Babesia felis. This is an extremely rare find, especially in our part of the country! Peggy was brought to our practice for a routine sterilisation. Upon checking our standard “pre-surgery” blood smear,

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whisker fatigue

Whisker Fatigue in Cats

The thought of tired whiskers may sound silly, but whisker fatigue can be a huge problem for your cat. Most pet owners see their cat’s whiskers as simply a part of the body. Much like hair! How Do Whiskers Work? However, your cat’s whiskers are much more complex. Whiskers, which are called vibrissa, are coarse

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pet loss dealing with the loss of your pet grieving your pet's death grieving the loss of your pet

Grieving Pet Loss

Dealing with the loss of a pet can be very difficult. Experiencing the death of a pet can come without notice. Things happen that are unexpected and incredibly painful. When we open our hearts and our homes to our furry, or not so furry, family members, pets and animal companions, we have hopes of a

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