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Find One of Our Stores in Every Corner of Kimberley!

Great news! We have veterinary stores in most large areas of Kimberley. These stores are located in Monument Heights, New Park and Rhodesdene!
Check out the Google Maps below for directions to your pet’s new favourite stores!

Kimberley Vet Shop

Kimberley Vet Shop was the first vet shop opened by the directors of Kimberley Veterinary Clinic.
This amazing store was officially opened in May 2017.

When visiting this store, you’ll find the friendly faces of Jeanne Mayo, Jeanmarie Ridgard and Georgie Strydom ready to assist with anything you may need.
They are exceptionally trained and are well-versed in all stocked products.


Jeanmarie joined the team in December 2020 and is the mom of a menagerie of cats, dogs and fish. In her spare time she enjoys knitting and crocheting and just spending time with her family and furry friends.


kimberley vet shop


Kimberley Pet Essentials

Pet Essentials was the second great venture and was officially opened in March 2019.

Running this store, you’ll find the very capable Palesa Mothudi, with Kagisho Nyl as her helping hand.



Kimberley Pet Products

Pet Products is our third vet shop in Kimberley. This unique store was bought from another veterinarian, revamped and officially opened in September 2019.

In this store you’ll find Nadine Basson, Dylan Murray and Gloria Moya at the helm.


Nadine officially joined the team in September 2019. She enjoys sketching, painting, reading and spending time with her two cats, all with their own unique and outrageous personalities. This young lady also dabbles in fish keeping.



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