Dr Donovan Smith

Dr Donovan Smith

Kimberley vet team


Our hospital director and flamingo enthusiast, Dr Donovan Smith was one of the first to join the Kimberley Veterinary Clinic family.

Having graduated from Onderstepoort in 2007, he returned to where he was born and raised as a farm lad, just outside Kimberley.

Kimberley Boys’ High is his alma mater and when asked why he became a veterinarian, his answer was simple and sure. Since before he could remember, his mother told him that this was what he wanted to do, and so it became a reality.

In his sparse spare time he enjoys gardening and spending time with those he cares most about.

His favourite part of the job is internal medicine and he absolutely thrives in this field. Mainly focusing on companion animals, with a tad of exotics, he never shies away from the average horse or farm animal.

Shall the records reflect, although excellent and painfully perfectionist, surgery has never been his favourite part of being a veterinarian.

The three things that drive this passionate man is the knowledge of knowing he has helped an animal that cannot help itself, the gratitude shown by their owners and the support system of people who understand him and who have his back.

His favourite quote is straight forward, “I believe in what goes around comes around.”

What you put out in the universe is a big part of who you are.

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