Restores energy and life to the ageing and geriatric dog and cat.

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Gerivet is a procaine/vitamin-based powdered nutritional supplement especially for animals experiencing the symptoms of old age (it is intended for long-term administrations to mature, aging and geriatric dogs and cats). It contains factors and micro nutrients that improve general tone & condition, restore mental alertness and aid in the relief of age-related stiffness. Gerivet helps pets cope with the distressing side-effects of the ageing process and helps to improve overall health.

Gerivet powder was formulated specifically for geriatric animals. As they become older, their need for certain vitamins, minerals and other micro nutrients increases. At the same time appetite decreases so their intake of these nutrients is lessened. Gerivet can make up for the deficiency of these micro nutrients by providing high doses of the essential vitamins and nutrients required for intracellular nutrition, as well as supplying other factors, which have been shown to be beneficial on the ageing process.

Gerivet provides high doses of essential vitamins and nutrients, which include the following:

  • Biotin – improves skin and coat condition
  • Choline – for liver function
  • MSM – helps to increase stamina, delays the onset of tiredness, and alleviates symptoms of arthritis (in both animals & humans, MSM has been used for some years to reduce inflammation and to relieve other musculo-skeletal problems)
  • Procaine – improves mental function in the aged
  • Vitamin E & Selenium – together they enhance each other’s action to protect cells against toxins.
  • Zinc – at the dose found in Gerivet, zinc helps to build up the immune system, which is of benefit to wound-healing and in arthritis.


Each 5g contains

Procaine Hydrochloride 15 mg
Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) 300 mg
Lecithin 300 mg
Vitamin A 1500 IU
Vitamin E 30 mg
Vitamin B1 10 mg
Vitamin B2 3 mg
Vitamin B6 3mg
Vitamin K 300 mcg
Vitamin B12 100 mcg
Calcium Pantothenate 10 mg
Biotin 1 mg
Nicotinamide 10 mg
Folic Acid 25 mcg
Choline 40 mg
Magnesium 100 mcg
Iron 5 mg
Manganese 75 mcg
Zinc 10 mg
Selenium 25 mcg
Vitamin C 5 mg
Inositol 30 mg
Chromium 25 mcg


The powder should be given sprinkled over food, in the following dosages:

  • Dogs up to 9 kg and cats:  2.5 g (half a medicine measure) daily
  • Dogs 10 kg – 30 kg:  5 g (1 medicine measure) daily
  • Dogs 30 kg – 40 kg:  7.5 g (1,5 medicine measures) daily
  • Dogs over 40 kg:  10 g (2 medicine measures) daily

Fun Fact

These days our pets are living much longer as a result of better nutrition, development vaccines, more responsible ownership, and improved and more readily available veterinary care. Because the ageing process varies with breed, size and lifestyle, the age at which an animal is considered geriatric is also variable. A geriatric health care program could begin at the following ages:

Breed Size Weight “Geriatric Age”
Small Dogs Under 10kg 9 to 13 years
Medium Dogs 10 kg to 20 kg 9 to 11.5 years
Large Dogs 20 kg to 40 kg 7.5 to 10.5 years
Giant Dogs Over 40 kg 6 to 9 years
Cats (most breeds) 8 to 10 years



Availability: 3 in stock

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