Feel Good Stories

Feel Good Stories

Animal Health Technician South Africa

Meet Our AHT

Meet our AHT! Xanri joined our eccentric team while studying to become an Animal Health Technician (AHT). Originally from a farm in Kathu, she graduated from Kathu High School knowing she wanted to make an impact within her community. What Is An Animal Health Technician? You may have heard about Animal Health Technicians before, but […]

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pangolins in South Africa Pangolins of South Africa

Holy Ground

“There’s something special about it. I can’t explain it. But once you see this magical creature, you’ll know. To be able to follow her, to protect her, help her, is a feeling that cannot be described. It’s like walking on Holy ground.” Most people you know have never seen a living pangolin. Most people don’t

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Canine Lymphoma Endangered Wildlife Trust

Jessie the Miracle Sniffer Pup

Meet Jessie. Jessie the Border Collie is a working scent detection dog working in the field of conservation research. Over the past 7 years, the role she played in the research for elusive and endangered species has been paramount. Unfortunately, in August Jessie was diagnosed with Lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes). Luckily, she has

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martial eagle

The Miracle Martial Eagle

Our Patient of the Week – a stunning Martial Eagle! The largest African eagle, capable of knocking a full-grown off of his feet! This brave bird was rushed to our clinic a few weeks ago for gunshot wounds resulting in a badly fractured right wing. After intense supportive care, we managed to repair the broken

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