pangolins in South Africa Pangolins of South Africa

Holy Ground

“There’s something special about it. I can’t explain it. But once you see this magical creature, you’ll know. To be able to follow her, to protect her, help her, is a feeling that cannot be described. It’s like walking on Holy ground.” Most people you know have never seen a living pangolin. Most people don’t […]

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pet loss dealing with the loss of your pet grieving your pet's death grieving the loss of your pet

Grieving Pet Loss

Dealing with the loss of a pet can be very difficult. Experiencing the death of a pet can come without notice. Things happen that are unexpected and incredibly painful. When we open our hearts and our homes to our furry, or not so furry, family members, pets and animal companions, we have hopes of a

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Injured baby tortoise gets and adorable Bandage

Tank the Tortoise

Our patient of the week, Tank the Tortoise. This little guy is an absolute fighter, even though he’s smaller than a 2ml syringe! Tank is a Leopard Tortoise. Although Leopard Tortoises live a long time in captivity, they seldom thrive! In fact, they slowly become anorexic and nutritionally deficient and, unfortunately, their owners rarely notice

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