X Dog Neoprene Soft Harness Turquoise


Durable, lightweight and soft. Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs. Available in 5 sizes.

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The soft, breathable neoprene material with no hard edges or buckles to irritate skin, reduces tugging and pulling on your pet’s neck and makes walking comfortable. Neoprene contours to dog’s body when worn, and provides water resistant and insulation against cold. The simple design makes it easy to put on and take off. It has broad sponge padded chest plate for extra protection and comfort.

It is lightweight and very sturdy. The harness is made with 2 special stoppers. These stoppers creates a mechanism that tightens when pulled. The harness manages to prevent dogs from escaping and discourages them from pulling.

Please make sure the harness is properly sized by checking that there is no space around the back of your dog when pulled fully. Incorrect sizing will lead to escaping.

Instruction: Unbuckle and lay the harness flatly on the ground, let the dog step into the harness, one leg on each side. Then pull the harness upwards and buckle up.


Available sizes (chest size in cm):

XS: 31.5 –  40.5 cm
S: 34.5 – 43 cm
M: 43 – 50 cm
L: 48 – 57 cm
XL: 53.5 – 63.5 cm
X Dog Neoprene Soft Harness Turquoise
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