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meerkat undergoing surgery in kimberley veterinary clinic
guinea pig after undergoing surgery held by dr burger kimberley veterinary clinic
lizard that was egg bound recovering after surgery

Our veterinarians are trained to treat a wide variety of species, including exotic pets.

Dr Burger examining lizard in kimberley veterinary clinic

Having extensive experience and access to the very best resources, our veterinarians have the ability to consult a wide range of exotic species.

Our hospital and theatre is well equipped to diagnose and treat most exotic cases that come our way.

We also have experience handling a variety of avian species from African Greys, Cockatoos, Macaws, parakeets and many more. We offer nail trims, beak trims, feather trims, deworming, supplemental vitamins and more.

In the event we cannot assist with certain procedures or treatments, we have the ability to refer your pet to veterinarians who are experts in their field. We have open communication with exotic specialists from around South Africa.

Our team also undergoes regular training in the treatment of exotic species to remain abreast of the newest diseases and treatments.

IMPORTANT - Keeping indigenous animals as pets in South Africa

In order own indigenous wildlife, you require a permit from the Northern Cape Government. It is illegal to keep wild animals that are indigenous to South Africa without a permit, regardless of reason. Any rehabilitation centres or centres that house indigenous wildlife require various permits from their respective governing bodies.

Examples of animals that require permits include meerkats, big cats, certain bird species and certain herbivore species.

Find out more about owning South African wildlife in the Northern Cape

michelle holding ferret after castration kimberley veterinary clinic
sr anmari holding meerkat that was hospitalised in kimberley veterinary clinic
cheetah with bandage after breaking leg in hospital kimberley veterinary clinic
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