Dental Services

Dental care is often an overlooked part of pet care. Taking care of your pet’s dental health, especially when they become older, is very important to their overall health.

canine patient in kimberley veterinary clinic undergoing dental scaling and polishing

Older pets often have problems with their dentition, it’s one of the most common reasons we consult them!

Neglecting dental health can have severe consequences. Plaque and tartar build-up can be incredibly painful, cause bone resorption, jaw fractures, tooth root abscesses and secondary diseases like heart disease and GIT upsets. Not to mention the bad breath!

Just imagine if you hadn’t brushed your teeth for 7 plus years!

We recommend the extraction of very compromised teeth to alleviate any pain and discomfort.

In puppies and small breed dogs, a very common dental problem is deciduous teeth. These are the baby teeth that never fell out when the adult teeth erupted.

Leaving deciduous teeth in the mouth can have a variety of negative effects. Malformation of the adult teeth can occur and abscesses, foreign body reactions and pain can occur if baby teeth are left intact.

We generally remove any remaining baby teeth when the pet is under anaesthetic for their sterilisation.

All patients require general anaesthesia when undergoing a dental procedure like cleaning and extractions.

For more information about dental care for your pets, check out our blog.

Dachshunds senior pets dental care
three dachshunds old waiting for threats in kimberley veterinary clinic
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