Cape Vulture eating from a bowl

Why Are Vultures So Important?

What would happen to the world if vultures went extinct? The short answer – Chaos. Vultures play an invaluable part within our fragile ecosystem. They are one of the world’s most efficient clean-up crews. Their value has been widely underestimated and is largely unappreciated. The disastrous decline of vulture populations in Africa and Asia has

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Blind owner with guide dog posing for photo with veterinarian in front of Kimberley Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary Waiting Room Etiquette

Veterinary waiting room etiquette is not unlike our human medical professional counterparts’ waiting area. The waiting area of any hospital is a hectic place. Practicing good veterinary waiting room etiquette is vital to protect all pets visiting our clinic, as well as their owners. Here are a few rules when waiting in our veterinary clinic

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Tattooing in pets

Medical Tattooing in Animals

Tattooing has been a controversial topic for a while now, especially in animals. We recently had the opportunity to be a part of something very cool. Little Luna, a very sun and fun-loving pup, was born with no pigment around her right eye. This means that her eye and the surrounding eyelid is super sensitive

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Veterinary nurse woman with cat on shoulder

Veterinary Nurses Day 2023

It’s Vet Nurses Day! Veterinary nurses are integral members of any veterinary team. They care for your pets when they’re away from home. They ensure they get the right medication, the right food and make sure they get enough snuggles and kisses! Nurses have an endless to-do-list in their practice. While sometimes overlooked because they

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