Paw Print Harness & Lead


Perfect for allowing your small pet to stretch his legs every once in a while. This harness and lead set is available in 2 sizes and can accommodate ferrets, guinea pigs and all sizes of rabbits.

The harness is soft and comes with a paw print design. With easy to use clips, the harness can be fastened around your pet to secure them to the lead. The harness should be adjusted so that it provides a snug but comfortable fit. Always ensure that you can place 2 fingers between both the neck and chest straps and your pet.



Neck: 14 – 20 cm
Chest: 18 – 28 cm
Ideal for most ferrets, guinea pigs, and small rabbits such as Mini Lops and Netherland Dwarfs

Neck: 19 – 30 cm
Chest: 25 – 41 cm
Ideal for most rabbits, including Dwarf, French and German Lops, Dutch Rex, Crosses and Larger examples of Mini Breeds.

Paw Print Harness & Lead
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