Burgess Excel Fresh Forage Timothy Feeding Hay 1kg


A delicious, complementary food made from barn-dried timothy grass harvested straight from the fields in England. An excellent source of good quality, long fibre, timothy hay.

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100% Natural ingredients. High in Beneficial Fibre (55%). High in Crude Fibre (28.5%). A source of good quality, long fibre. Barn dried and dust extracted to prevent respiratory problems.

Suitable for: All fibrevores

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Beneficial Fibre 55 %
Crude Protein 8 %
Crude Oils & Fats 1 %
Crude Fibre 29 %
Crude Ash 7 %
Sodium 0.01 %
Vitamin C 30 mg/kg


100% Barn dried grass (timothy hay)

Feeding Guidelines

Feed your fibrevore a minimum of his or her body size in hay daily.

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Fun Fact

Remember that good quality hay and/or grass should make up the majority of your fibrevores’ diet and should be available at all times. Fibrevores should also be fed a small amount of Nuggets, a small snack and a small amount of leafy greens each day. Please talk to your vet for further information.


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