Prestige Premium Amazone Parrot Mix 1kg


Enriched seed mixture with extruded VAM-pellets. For South-American parrots.

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Enriched seed mixture: vitamins, amino acids & minerals = optimal condition. For South-American parrots: amazons, pionusses, caiques, macaws, aratingas. Composed in consultation with the scientific team of Loro Parque (Tenerife).




Oats, wheat, buckwheat, paddy rice, maize, striped sunflower seeds, milo, dari, canary seed, pumpkin kernels, white millet, safflower, white sunflower seeds, peeled peanuts, pine nuts, yellow millet, puffed wheat, popcorn, rosehip, red pepper, maxi V.A.M. pellets, oystershells

Feeding Guidelines

Provide freely, refresh regularly. Always supply fresh drinking water.

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